ServiceManager command line tool shows invalid syntax when calling Help in Shell


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message :

When calling the "help" information for the Service Manager command line tool (UCYBSMCL) on Unix, the hint for the description, using the “-h” parameter, is missing the fact that on Unix the port must also be added.

In the Online 12.0 Documentation it is correct: 
Administration Guide > Administering the Automation Engine > Start Parameters > ServiceManager

On Unix itself this information is missing.


When executing the following on the shell, no hint is given for the port number. 

[email protected]:/uc4/servicemanager/bin> ./ucybsmcl 
*ERRROR 1* Invalid parameters 
Use one of the followings: 
-c GET_PROCESS_LIST -h hostname -n instance_name 
output when successfull: 
if process is running: "ProcessName" "R" "ProcID" "StartTime" "RunTime" "CPU Time" 
if process is not running: "ProcessName" "S" 
-c START_PROCESS -h hostname -n instance_name -s process_name [-p password] 
output when successfull: no output 
-c STOP_PROCESS -h hostname -n instance_name -s process_name -m stop_mode [-p password] 
for stop_mode use "C" (=Close), "S" (=Shutdown) or "A" (=Abnormally) 
output when successfull: no output 
Return codes: 
0 : OK 
1 : Invalid parameters 
2 : No any Service Manager on host "hostname" 
3 : Service Manager behaves unexpectedly 
4 : Pipe returned error 
5 : No any Service Manager with "instance_name" 

The help message should also contain the hint that it is necessary to add the port for the ServiceManager on a Unix system. 


Cause type:
Root Cause: Documentation on Unix system missing hint regarding port number but it is in the online documentation.


OS: Unix
OS Version: N/A


There will be no modification made to the existing Unix documentation because the correct documentation can already be found on 


Automic Workload Automation 12.0 Documentation:
Administration Guide > Administering the Automation Engine > Start Parameters > ServiceManager

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Workaround :
Use the Online Documenation ( for reference.