No "IF" and "FOREACH" Workflows available when creating new objects
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No "IF" and "FOREACH" Workflows available when creating new objects


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message :

With Automation Engine (AE) version 9.00A Service Pack 3, new functionality was added with the FOREACH and IF Workflows.  These objects do not show up in New Objects,  after upgrading to that version of 9 or higher.


OS Version: N/A


Cause type:
Root Cause: UC_OBJECT_TEMPLATE does not exist in Client 0


After confirming that the Automation Engine, Initial Data, and the User Interface have been upgraded to Service Pack 3, check the following:
  1. Check the client that is bieng worked in to see if there is an object called UC_OBJECT_TEMPLATE
  2. Check that the following are in the UC_OBJECT_TEMPLATE object in Client 0:
From number 1 above - if UC_OBJECT_TEMPLATE exists within the working client, add the entries from number 2 above.  Note that any new objects added to client 0 regarding templates will not be automatically updated to working clients whre they are overwritten.

From number 2 above - if the lines from number 2 above are not in the UC_OBJECT_TEMPLATE object, re-confirm that the InitialData has been updated correctly and that the objects JOBP, JOBP.FOREACH, and JOPB.IF exist in Client0's TEMPLATE folder.  If they do exist, add the lines from the UC_OBJECT_TEMPLATE to the UC_OBJECT_TEMPLATE variable object.

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