No login possible after reboot.
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No login possible after reboot.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message :
U04006523 Could not establish a connection to AE system '%' (IP address: '%', Port: '%') in a timely fashion.
When attempting to log into the target system, the following error is experienced:

U04006523 Could not establish a connection to AE system '%' (IP address: '%', Port '%') in a timely fashion. Please check if CP/WP-servers are running, the connection data in uc4config.xml are set correctly and the database service is available. 


1) Check to ensure the processes are running on the host machine. This can be checked, via the latest AE log files for the WPs/CPs (labelled *00.txt), by looking for any messages at the end of the log, such as:

U0003410 UC4.Server 'UC4P#WP' version '%' ended abnormally.

This would indicate that the processes have not started and can be checked on Unix/Linux with the following command:

ps -ef | grep ucsrv

This should return any running WP/CP processes. 

2) Another way to check this is to telnet to the IP address listed in the uc4config.xml file, found by default in the UserInterface\bin directory:

telnet 8801 (no colon)

A successful telnet tells us whether the connection is able to be made between where the UI is installed and the application server. If the connection cannot be made via telnet, then the User Interface will likely have issues connecting over that port as well. Examples:

Successful telnet:

00000152UC4:global001NAT A0000096V12U#CP001 V12U
12.0 CP 0014x.x.x.x:port

Unsuccessful telnet:

Connecting to x.x.x.x... Could not open connection to the host, on port 12503: Connect failed.

3) Check to ensure that the Service Manager is running, if this is how the server processes are started automatically/normally. 

It can be that the Service Manager on the application server was not started properly, and thus the WP/CP processes did not come online. This can be checked via the log files for the Service Manager (by default in its /temp directory), or by using the ps -ef | grep ucybsmgr command. 

4) Ensure that the drive the Automation Engine is installed on has enough space to write to the log files. 

It has been shown that, when a hard drive is completely full, logging into the Automation Engine may not be successful. The following documentation should be used to check whether enough space has been allocated:

If none of the above resolves the issue, please provide the following to support:

1) Results of a telnet from the User Interface computer to the application server. 

2) Service Manager log.

3) Full set of WP/CP log files (all ending in *00.txt).


OS Version: N/A


Cause type:
Root Cause: WPs/CPs are either not started, or the connection is unable to be made between the User Interface and application server where the WP/CP processes reside.


Start the WP/CP processes, or the Service Manager process which starts them. Alternatively, resolve the connection issue between the User Interface machine and the application server (we should be able to telnet between them). 

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