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SLA information cannot be copied across Clients


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message :

SLA information cannot be copied across clients.

  1. Client 500 is a template client and it has an SLA defined.
  2. Copy and create new Client from the contents of the template Client 500. 
There are no SLA's defined in the copied Client.

Once created, Business Units appear in all Client, but SLA's do not. 


OS Version: N/A


Cause type:
By design
Root Cause: SLA information contained in template Client, used to copy and create new clients, is not copied to new clients.


SLA information cannot be copied across Clients.  Given the current architecture of Request Management (RM), previously know as Service Orchestrator, it is not possible to copy SLA's across clients.  SLA information needs to be recreated in each Client.

Request Management creates a connection to a specific client, and then listens to events from this Client regarding, among others, the start and end of objects.  Such as connection needs to be created, in the configuration file, for every Client RM is used with (and RM needs to be restarted for these changes to take effect).  The information about SLA's is stored in a database that belongs to RM.  When a client is duplicated, there is zero effect on the RM database and an SLA belongs to a client.  RM does not know there is a new Client. Even if you add the connection to the configuration, RM does not know that the new client is a copy of the old one.  There is currently no method (or recommendation) for accomplishing this task other than recreating the SLA information in each Client. 

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