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How to change code tables in Automic


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


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A code table may need to be changed if the provided code tables do not convert the control characters of the character sets of an operating system or supported application correctly.  This occurs most often during an Agent to Agent FileTransfer. 


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Root Cause: Additional information required for using Code tables.


Code tables are displayed in the ASCII view when edited (default display mode – see ASCII view illustration below:

<Please see attached file for image>


 but can be changed to a HEX view if a control character keystroke is needed and does not appear in the ASCII view table (example: the tab key is not in the ASCII view table). In the HEX view, the decimal character code for control characters can be entered into the code table.

<Please see attached file for image>


A code table location (or cell) is read (determined) by using the hex number of the column then the hex number of the row. For example, the location of the asterisk (*) is 02x0A in the UC_CODE table (column 2x and row xA).  You can use this example as a reference when determining a character location.

NOTE: A decimal character code will not appear in a cell location when the code table is displayed in ASCII mode (nor a control character symbol).  The cell(s) containing a decimal character code will appear "blank" in ASCII view.

The cell 00x09 in the UC_CODE table shown above actually contains the decimal character code '9' (see HEX view illustration below).

To change or customize a code table for characterless keystrokes (ex.: tab key) -

1.       Login to System Client 0000 and navigate to the CODETABLE folder

2.       Select the code table that has the most similar character set that is needed, duplicate and rename the new code table object (or it is possible to add control characters to an existing duplicate code table)***

3.       Open the code table and right-click a cell.  Select "HEX" from the popup menu to change to the HEX view

4.       Enter the decimal character code for the control character (ex.: the DCC for the tab key is '9') into the code table in any empty cell by clicking the location with your mouse and typing  the corresponding number

5.       Save and close the new code table object

6.       The altered or new code table can now be selected for use

BEWARE:  The Automation Engine provided code tables are overwritten whenever a hotfix update to the InitialData is completed using the DBLoad Utility.  If a code table provided by AE is changed (part of InitialData), the changes will be lost when the InitialData is updated.

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