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Reopen Activity Type is not inserted in Activity Log when ticket is reopened


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When moving a ticket from "Resolved" to "Open" an activity is not opening stating that the case was reopened.


CA Service Desk Manager - ANY version


There are some use cases that the customer considers a ticket as "reopened" when the end user does not agree with the solution provided by the Analyst, hence the user change back the ticket status from "Resolved" to "Open".

In CA Service Desk Manager (SDM), if ticket status is changed to "Resolved", it is in fact not "Closed" (inactive), hence if you change from "Resolved" to another status such as "Opened", it will not trigger the "Reopen" Activity Type, but rather triggers "Update status".


In order to have the Activity Type "Reopen" recorded, it is required to have the ticket closed (turned it "inactive"). Then, when its status is changed from "Closed" to another available status according to the status transition, the "Reopen" activity will appear listed.

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