.CAICCI_W_2014[xxxxxx] Attempt to connect to host <yyyyyyy> failed
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.CAICCI_W_2014[xxxxxx] Attempt to connect to host <yyyyyyy> failed


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CA Unicenter NSM


Although there is a no entry in CCIRMTD.PRF file, CCI is trying to establish connectivity with a server. Causing lots of message got generated on server /var/msg directory.

Alert message:

daemon:info CCIRMTD[7667804]: .CAICCI_I_2051 errno=<55>, Unable to connect to remote host <yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy>

daemon:info CCIRMTD[7667804]: .CAICCI_W_2014[UKPAP129] Attempt to connect to host <yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy> failed, Check to see if Unicenter is active on yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Although there is no entry  in ccirmtd.prf file



UUJMA 11.2 SP2 on AIX but it can happen on any other Unix/Linux platform


As soon as any CCI connection is registered in the CCI Host Address Table from any target machine, CCI will try to connect to this node.

If for whatever reason this node is no longer there, these messages will be written to the Unix Syslog file


To fix such a problem, you can set a CCI variable to prevent all these CCI retries among nodes which are no longer accessible and which are not defined in the ccirmtd.prf file.

1) Create this below envsetlocal file with the following statements :

     vi $CAIGLBL0000/cci/scripts/envsetlocal 


        export CAI_CCI_NORECON


2) When done, you'll have to source the UUJMA environment, or run : su - root

3) Then check if the variable is properly set with: "env |grep CAI_CCI_NORECON"

4) Then restart UUJMA