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Opening Oracle E-Business Suite tab of an OEBS Agent causes client to freeze


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message :
RA01Status: OEBSAgentImpl: uc4_oae_pk.getStatus 0 timeout : 10 : i : class java.lang.Integer :
RA01Status: DBCall: runFuction: uc4_oae_pk.getStatus elapsed ms 10007 rows 0

From Client 0 if you open the System Overview and go to the properties of an OEBS Agent and click on the 'Oracle E-Buisiness Suite' tab, the user interface freezes.

  1. On the user interface (whatever you launch it from Linux or from Windows) login as Client 0
  2. Open the System Overview and go to the properties of the OEBS agent.
  3. Click on the Oracle E-Business Suite tab
Actual:  The client freezes.
Expected:  The properties for the OEBS agent should be displayed.

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OS Version: Linux, Windows


Cause type:
Root Cause: Version mismatch between the Automation Engine (AE) and the OEBS Agent. The OEBS Agent can not be a higher version than the AE. You can use an older Agent version against a newer AE version, but a newer Agent version against an older AE version is not s


Check the versions of both the Automation Engine (AE) and the OEBS Agent, to ensure that that the Agent is the same (or older) version of the AE version it is running against.

The AE WP/CP's must be the same version or higher than the RA Core agent version.  If this is not the case, AE must be upgraded to match the OEBS Agent version or the OEBS Agent must be downgraded to match the AE version.

Fix Status: No Fix

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