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Sporadically occurring scheduling error: some activities stuck with status "In Generating"


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message :
U00003620 Routine 'JPAKTJ_R’ forces trace because of error
U00000002 EXISTS”

The above error occasionally appears in the Worker Process (WP) logs at the time when the Activity is triggered but does not start.  This is encountered as a result of a scheduling error due to a RunID conflict with old statistics data.  This may also occur when there has been a RunID turnover* at some point in the past.

Some of the scheduled activities get stuck in a status of “in generating” or other inactive statuses.

*RunID Turnover:  The last possible sequence number has been reached and the RunID sequence starts again from the lowest possible number.
The RunID turnover itself causes no impact on the workload processing and it’s normal for environments existing for longer period of time or processing lots of Jobs.


OS Version: N/A


Cause type:
Root Cause: The next RunID in the sequence has already been used by an activity that hasn't been removed (by AE DB maintenance) from the AH Table / Statistics. The RunID sequence turnover happened in the past.


Remove all historical data from the AH / Archive - Statistics table.

When the RunID sequence turned over at some point in the past and the AH Table - Statistics/Archive contains data from the previous activities that had the same RunID than the recently scheduled activities, they cannot be started because the next RunID in the sequence still exists in the DB / EH Table.
This can occur when the Automation Engine (AE) database maintenance doesn’t remove historical data from the statistics, which may happen due to the maintenance policy settings or because a client is no longer maintained due to being inactivated or deleted.

In general, its advised to remove all unnecessary historical data from the AE Database.    


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Additional Information

Workaround :
Restart or reschedule the hanging activity.