Subflow automation script not updated/missing from main script
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Subflow automation script not updated/missing from main script


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


In Agile Designer, the subflow automation script is not updated to the main script in some flows is missing in the main script. 


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


This usually happens when the references are not refreshed from the subflow to the master/main flow.


In general, we always recommend regenerating paths and refreshing references if you are experiences issues like this.
Here is an example of how to resolve this:

1. Make a minor change to the subflow in ARD; even moving a block slightly will do.
2. Save the subflow. 
3. Repeat for all of the subflows. 
4. In the main flow, you will receive a notification saying a subflow update is available. Click the notifications panel like so: 

5. Now hit the ‘Reload direct subflows’ button: 

6. Now you should be able to generate Automation from the master flow that takes into account the subflows. 


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