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RC/Migrator for DB2 for Z/OS : DDL00281 in RC/Migrator analysis.


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RC Compare for DB2 for z/OS RC/Migrator for DB2 for z/OS


RC/Migrator - or Quick Migration - analysis ends with: 

DDL00281: Invalid INDEXBP.  The bufferpool name must be one of:     

          BP0, BP1, ..., BP49                                       





DB2 for Z/OS


If RC/Migrator cannot determine the DB2 version it will default to DB2 v8. As the index DDL contains BUFFERPOOL BP8K0 that triggers the DDL00281 error, since BP8K0 was not valid in DB2 v8.

When creating the strategy online the target SSID must be entered correctly. If it does not exist in the hlq.CDBAPARM(SETUPxx) parmlib member the user will be prompted for the target DB2 version. If omitted, RCM will use V10R1M0.

However, in batch JCL it is possible to edit or omit the PARMFILE option TRGSSID  and TRGVERS.  The problem can happen if:

 - No target TRGSSID is specified (only possible in Quick Migration)


- the Target SSID does not exist in hlq.CDBAPARM(SETUPxx) and no TRGVERS is specified in the JCL PARMFILE




Make sure the JCL contains either a TRGSSID that is defined in hlq.CDBAPARM(SETUPxx) or TRGVERS

Additional Information

Analysis Screens / DB2 SSID Specifications

Db2 SSID Specifications (Migration Strategies Only)

Target SSID
Indicates the ID of the Db2 subsystem to which the objects are to be migrated. A valid Db2 SSID must be entered. If the specified target Db2 SSID does not exist in the parmlib, a window appears, letting you specify the version of Db2 for which the DDL is written. This version is inserted into the jobstream as TRGVERS. For a list of all valid SSIDs and their locations, enter a question mark (?).

Create a SETUP Global Parmlib Member