Running Job results in "U0029007 Not all blocks (Limit '120') have been transferred" error
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Running Job results in "U0029007 Not all blocks (Limit '120') have been transferred" error


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message :
U0029007 Not all blocks (Limit '120') have been transferred from file 'A806.UC4.TEMP.OAADERTG.TXT'.

When running a Job the above error message is displayed in the Message window.

By default, Automation Engine will only return about 960,000 bytes of a Job report.  This protects the  Automation Engine (AE) from a runaway job that produces a large output, possibly due to an error, or a core dump returned as a job report and stored in the Automic database. 

The output is retained on the system where the job was executed.

The 2 variables that control this are stored in the UC_HOSTCHAR_DEFAULT in client 0.  They are MAX_REPORT_SIZE and REPORT_BLKSIZE.  MAX_REPORT_SIZE is the number of blocks, specified in REPORT_BLKSIZE, that are transferred back to the Automic database.

The message indicates that a Job, with an output greater than the maximum, was processed and not returned to Automic. 

Check the output on the respective system for the Job report/output. There is no problem from the Automic perspective.


OS Version: N/A


Cause type:
By design
Root Cause: The size of an AE Job's report output can be limited to avoid large output generated from errors or core dumps so that they do not adversely impact the entire AE system.


If a Job frequently has reports that are larger than the default and do not indicate a problem, and all of the data needs to be stored in Automic, then please adjust either the MAX_REPORT_SIZE and REPORT_BLKSIZE or both parameters to accommodate the reports.
  1. Edit the variable UC_HOSTCHAR_DEFAULT in client 0
  2. Adjust the Validity Keywords MAX_REPORT_SIZE or REPORT_BLKSIZE (or both) to a larger Value.
  • MAX_REPORT_SIZE has an acceptable range of 1-10000 (default 120) blocks
  • REPORT_BLKSIZE has an acceptable range of 1-8000 (default 8000) bytes

Otherwise these values can be set temporarily by the specific agent in the agent properties.

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