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Error: "17(File exists)'" when executing a JOBF object using a Workload Automation Agent for Unix


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Executing a JOBF object utilizing a Workload Automation Agent for Unix results in the following error: 

U02005072 Directory <directory_path> could not be created. Error: '17(File exists)'


This error can occur even if the directory path provided does not contain the file that the user is attempting to send to it. It is possible to have multiple JOBF objects using the same agent, while only a small number of agents produce this behavior, even if they are all the same effected version.


Update the Unix Agent to a version listed below, or a newer version, if available.

  • Unix Agent 11.2.4
  • Unix Agent 10.0.8+hf.5