Continuously polling User affects System performance
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Continuously polling User affects System performance


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


A User is constantly attempting to connect to the Automation Engine (AE), but is getting rejected, which negatively affects the System's performance. The Automation Engine, the GUI (AWI / Java User Interface) and other components like ARA suffer from this.

Error Message :
U00003210 logon denied
U00011800 Disconnect User: Cannot find user '*CP001#00000316' in the table AKT-USER.
20170323/170825.649 - U00003234 Logon error: Access denied. (Connection='*CP002#00000036', host = 'REDWSD00090')


Statistics of the faulty user are filled with a 'Rejected' status and "U00003210 Logon error : Access denied" error messages.



A user is being used in an external module and attempts to connect with invalid credentials.


Search for the usage of the user object. If not used in an object inside the Automation Engine or ARA - JOBS, JOBP, EVNT, you will need to search for connections from external applications attempting to connect via a CallAPI or a third-party application using the Java API.

Once the culprit has been found, ensure the user credentials it uses are valid.