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Job ran against Siebel Agent receive U2000009 Job ended with return code '101' errors


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message :
U2000009 Job 'XXXX' with RunID 'nnnnnn' ended with return code '101'.

Jobs that run against a Siebel Agent end with the above error message, which means that the exclusive semaphore is owned by another process.
In the past, the Siebel Agent handled a connection loss between the Siebel Server and the Siebel Server Manager, which is used to start Jobs and query the status of active Jobs, as an unknown error (and jobs aborted with the return code 101).

When a Job starts, the Siebel Server and the Siebel Server Manager connection is checked.  If there is no connection, the Job switches to the status “Waiting for host”.  Here is the description for the new functionality added to the Siebel Agent in version 6:
In specific situations, Siebel Jobs obtained the status ENDED_VANISHED in the AE system although they were still executed and completed on the Siebel system.  The reason for this is that executing a "list task" command on the Siebel Server Manager could have the effect that the task would disappear from the List Task Queue for a particular time.



Cause type:
Root Cause: Additional parameters are necessary in the INI file on the Siebel Agent.


OS: Windows
OS Version: N/A


The following parameters have been added to the Siebel Agent's INI file:
  • repeat_check= Number of times a "list task" command is ignored if the Siebel system does not return the relevant task.
  • report_repeat_check=1/0 With this setting being activated ("1"), all "list task" errors are written to the Job report (message: U2010009 The Agent could not find the ID of task &01 in the Siebel Server Manager log file.) "0" implies that the message is only output if the check is no longer repeated and the AE Job changes to the status ENDED_VANISHED.
Add these 2 parameters above to the v9 Siebel Agent's "ini" file.


From the version 6 Siebel Agent's 'ini' file:

; start timer cycle for periodical status check 
; Number of times a "list task" command is ignored if the Siebel system does not return the relevant task
; numerical value (example: repeat_check=5)
;write all "list task" errors to the Job report;
value must be either 1(yes) or 0(no).


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