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USS email is being created with random numbers


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After configuring LDAP with EEM and USS, the users are able to login without issue but the email created in USS contain random numbers before the domain, this causes that the integration with USS and Service Desk fails as it is a prerequisite to have the same email en both sides.


Unified Self Service USS 14.1 or aboveEmbedded Entitlements Manager EEM 12.51 or aboveService Desk SD 14.1 or above


This issue can be cause by either of the following two causes, the user in the active directory does not have an email account or the attribute mapping set was incorrect.

In both cases the email account will not bring any values, during the first login of a user USS connects to EEM and then to LDAP retrieving the values like the name , last_name, userid and email among others, if the email field is null, then USS will create an email id, using the screen name or userid used to login in USS adding 4 random digit numbers and the domain.

Since USS and SD uses the email account to retrieve the data of the tickets the integration will also fail.


Ensure that all users that are going to attempt to login to USS have an email account set in the LDAP server. If the attribute mapping in EEM was changed ensure that is pointing to the correct fields in order to prevent missing or incorrect data.