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Temporary RA Web Service Agent axis2 files causing out of space errors.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


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Running jobs from the RA WebService version 3 Agent continuously creates temporary files and can cause out of disk space errors.  These temporary files can be written to /var/tmp/, /tmp, c:\TEMP, etc. for every WebService call.  This is a result of a known axis2 issue, AXIS2-3919.  In order to get around this issue when running WebService version 3 jobs, see the workaround.
The issue no longer exists if running the Automation Engine v12+ and the RA Web Service Agent (REST or SOAP) version 4.0.0+ since the RA Web Service Agent uses a different framework.


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Root Cause: Known Apache issue with axis2, AXIS2-3919. (


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Workaround :
Delete the files manually. Keep in mind that the method chosen is dependent on your workload and WebService jobs. Any file that does not correspond with an actual WebService call can be deleted. Here are two possible options:1) Stop the WebService Agent and delete all of the files.2) Create a Job that deletes all the files older than a day as long as your WebService jobs do not run for more than a day.