Why are our VPCs not being discovered?
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Why are our VPCs not being discovered?


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CA Spectrum


After installing CA Spectrum and rediscovering our Cisco Nexus NXOS 7000 models, vPC functionality is still not showing up in CA Spectrum vPC Manager.  

  • We have already verified the documented firmware requirements:  CISCO-VPC-MIB is supported only from firmware version 6.2.2 and above.
  • We queried the device's cVPCRoleStatus ( attribute via the CiscoVpc mib tool 1.jpg MIB (as per KB000030139) and it is populated, but does not create a CiscoVPCApp model.


Cisco Nexus NXOS 7000 models with firmware version 6.2.2 and above.


The 2 devices have a different “Instance” value, in the mib attributre cVpcRoleStatus 

In this example they were 200 and 300 so cannot form a channel between them and thus, a VPC domain in VPC manager.


VPC manager needs 2 devices, with matching “Instance” values, in the mib attribute cVpcRoleStatus 

They need to be the same number, to form a channel between them and a VPC domain, in VPC manager.  Once formed, this information will be used to form the cVpcRoleDomainID.



                SYNTAX Unsigned32 (0 .. 4294967295)

                ACCESS not-accessible

                STATUS current



                "An arbitrary value to uniquely identify the VPC management domain on the local system.  Value zero indicates there is no VPC management domain being configured for this device."

                ::= { cVpcRoleEntry 1 }



Additional Information

Please Note:  If there are more than 2 Nexus devices that have the same VPC Domain ID, Spectrum will not create the vPC Domain. There can only be 2 devices with the same domain id.  

  •  documented firmware requirements:



  • KB000030139:

CA Spectrum 10.0 is not creating vPC functionality for Cisco Nexus devices.