PeopleSoft job aborts with "Username is an Invalid User ID, or you typed the wrong password" error
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PeopleSoft job aborts with "Username is an Invalid User ID, or you typed the wrong password" error


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


After successfully installing and configuring a PeopleSoft (PS) Agent, the PS job fails with the below error.

Error Message :
Username is an Invalid User ID, or you typed the wrong password. User ID and Password are required and case-sensitive. Make sure you're typing in the correct upper and lower case.



CA Automic Applications Manager


The error is caused by missing PeopleSoft permissions.


If the username in the error does not match the username defined for the PeopleSoft Agent, you will need to enable Signon PeopleCode to allow other users to run PeopleSoft jobs.

Procedure To enable Signon PeopleCode: PeopleSoft displays the Signon PeopleCode window. For a detailed discussion of the use of Signon PeopleCode, see the PeopleSoft documentation.

PeopleSoft will use this account's context when running Signon PeopleCode programs. If you are installing Applications Manager on a site that has already configured PeopleSoft, then it is highly likely that a user has already been designated for this task and you should choose this user.

However, if no Signon PeopleCode functions are enabled and no Signon User ID is already set, then you should create a new User ID for this task.

For more information, see Creating a User for Signon PeopleCode.

1. Open the PeopleTools menu, point to Security, point to Security Objects, and select Signon PeopleCode
2. Select Invoke as.
3. Enter the User ID and Password for the account that has permission to run the Signon PeopleCode programs.
 4. The Signon PeopleCode page typically already contains several rows.

Add a new row by clicking the plus sign on the final row.

In the new row:
Make sure that the existing Signon PeopleCode environment is not dependent on a particular order.

1. Enter an integer in the Sequence Number column.
2. Place a check mark in the Enabled column.
3. Enter APWRX_WRK in the Record column.
4. Enter AUTHSSO in the Field Name column.
5. Enter FieldDefault in the Event Name column.
6. Enter APWRX_CI_LOGIN in the Function Name column.
7. Place a check mark in the Exec Auth Fail column. If the user authentication fails, PeopleSoft will still run the job using the User ID specified in the Invoke as User Id field above the table.
8. Click Save.