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Release Automation Perspective is not available in ECC / AWI user interface


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


The Release Automation Perspective becomes unavailable when the Continuous Delivery Automation (formerly Automic Release Automation (ARA)) site is not started in Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. 


Release: AUTRLB99000-12.0-Continuous Delivery Automation-Base Edition


ARA site is not started in IIS.


1. Verify that the following is accessible: http:\\{server name}:port\{ara}
2. A 404 error indicates that the ARA site may not be open in IIS. Verify in IIS.
3. If the ARA site is stopped, then start it.
4. In the event where the ARA site cannot start, another website may be using the assigned port (eg: http 80). Run "netstat -anb | findstr :80" to verify this.
5. If the ARA server alone is using it, go to IIS Administrator, expand "Sites" to check whether other started sites are using that port (eg: 80).
6. Two options: (1) Stop the non-ARA site that is using port 80, then start the ARA site. (2) Change the port binding (eg: from 80 to 81) for either the ARA or the non-ARA site (reset IIS after changing the binding).

Additional Information

Compare the customer.config (i.e. C:\Automic\Release.Manager\WebUI) and (i.e. C:\Automic\External.Resources\apache-tomcat-7.0.81\webapps\awi\config\webui-plugin-bond) file contain the correct ECCURL and CallBackURL.