Modifications made to UC4gjajobs.shl script are not saved
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Modifications made to UC4gjajobs.shl script are not saved


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message :
/export/home/appworx8/banner/FATEST/UC4gjajobs.shl: line 88: [: =: unary operator expected

After moving an RA Banner Agent to a new (i.e. Solaris to Linux) machine, all jobs submitted against that Agent abort and the above error is displayed.
If  the hide password option is used for the RA Banner Agent and the above error is displayed, it indicates that quotes are missing from the $HIDE_PASS variable value.  If the UC4gjajobs.shl script is modified to include the double quotes around the HIDE_PASS variable (from no to “no”) as referenced below, the jobs will successfully run to completion.  Following is a sample of the UC4gjajobs.shl script using the quotes:

#if custom script call it 
if [ -f $workDir/UC4gjajobsCustom.shl ] 
if [ $HIDE_PASS = "no" ] 
Every time the RA Banner Agent is restarted, the UC4gajobs.shl script will revert to the original script (without the quotes) and the Banner jobs will abort.
In order to resolve the issue, create a customized script.  For convenience, Automic provides a default Banner job submission script in the working directory of the RA Banner Agent.  This script can be copied to your Banner instance and modified to contain additional customizations specific to your environment that will not be over-written when the Agent is restarted.  For more information on setting this up to ensure that any specific modifications are not over-written, refer to the RA Banner Agent documentation specifically the Modifying the gjajobs Script section.



OS: Linux


Cause type:
By design
Root Cause: In Unix the quotes are created around the variables but in Linux the quotes are not created. (??)


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