How to fix Process Rulesets invalidly applied to some Models
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How to fix Process Rulesets invalidly applied to some Models


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CA Spectrum


A Process Monitor Ruleset is applied to devices on a Landscape in a Distributed SpectroSERVER (DSS) environment that were not in the Global Collection the Ruleset is applied to. The devices were previously members of the Global Collection, but were subsequently removed some time ago. 


Spectrum 10.x


Sometimes if a landscape has connection problems with the Main Location Server (MLS) in a DSS, then the removal of some models from a GC may not result in the removal of all the associations of those models as information has failed to propagate through the DSS.


The Process Ruleset continues to have a now invalid association with some models. Invalid associations can be cleaned up manually via the CLI by targeting the RuleSet Model Handle with action 0x10326 - REMOVE_INVALID_RULESET_ASSOCIATIONS. For example; 

1. Take a backup of your SpectroSERVER DB (SSdb), since the following actions will delete records from it. 

2. Log into the CLI; 

a. Open a bash shell (bash -login in Windows)

b. cd $SPECROOT/vnmsh 

c. Run ./connect 

3. Identify the Model_Handle of the Process Ruleset that is being incorrectly applied to ex-members of the GC. 

4. Run; 

./update action=0x10326 mh=<model handle of the specific process ruleset from previous step>

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