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File-check on Unix Agent fails when checked file does not exist


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message :
U02000102 Error when calling the function 'lstat', error code '2(No such file or directory)'.
U00011166 System message: ''

On Unix Agents, the function to check for files either hangs or fails when (1) checking for files that do not exist, or (2) when using the absence of a file as prerequisite.
Depending on the file-check function, this can affect file events and prerequisites for Workflow tasks.

The above error message can be found in the report.  There will be multiple lines where the "U020000102" error is occurring. 



OS: Unix


Cause type:
Root Cause: A task precondition type "check file" used on a non existing file causes the workflow to hang in status "Waiting for precondition". This happens on unix agents only.


This field was added on 30/03/2017. This article has not been updated yet. Refer to the "Description" or "Workaround" sections for solution information.

Fix Status: Released

Fix Version(s):
Component(s): Agent Unix

Automation Engine 11.2.2 – Available
Automation Engine 11.1.3 – Available

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