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Release scheduled SAP Jobs: Job status grayed out after V11 / V12 upgrade.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message :

Upgrading from either version 9 or 10, to either version 11 or 12, the behavior in the Form-Tab of SAP jobs was altered. To see this, edit a SAP job in the Java GUI. Go to Form Tab → SAP Jobs → select "Release scheduled SAP jobs" → add it with Next or double click

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In the right window, click the ... button next to Job Name:

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In the window 'x' Background jobs found, all checkbox functions are grayed out and therefore not accessible.

In V9 and V10, for comparison, it is active.

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Note: This new behavior in V11 and V12 is not a bug, but the intended behavior. R3_ACTIVATE_JOBS has the predefined status "scheduled" and SAP jobs can only run if they have the status "scheduled". I.e., searching for something else than Scheduled makes no sense and therefore the check boxes are grayed out now.


Cause type:
By design
Root Cause: R3_ACTIVATE_JOBS has the predefined status "scheduled". SAP jobs can only run if they have the status "scheduled". This explains the status selection being grayed out. In all other functions (e.g. R3_GET_JOBS ) the status can be selected.


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Workaround :
No workaround needed, as it is no bug


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