Mainframe Agent does not start - gss_acquire_cred error
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Mainframe Agent does not start - gss_acquire_cred error


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message :
U2000105 Error when calling the function 'gss_acquire_cred' (Ret='458752', minor='1004').

Mainframe Agent does not start and the following error message is displayed.

U2000105 Error when calling the function 'gss_acquire_cred' (Ret='458752', minor='1004').

(This is the typical U-code and message received in an OS/390 Agent log)

From Version 11 onward, this error message will have an additional "0" such as below:

U02000105 Error when calling the function 'gss_acquire_cred' (Ret='458752', minor='1004').

An issue with the Agent "Transfer keys" appears on occasion.  It occurs when the original authentication data (Company Key) information in the database does not match the authentication (Company Key) information for the Agent.

This problem can be caused by any of the following scenarios:

A) An Agent is started with the wrong Automation Engine system name in the Agent's "ini" file

B) A newly installed Agent is started with the same name as another Agent in a different directory

C) From a newly installed Agent\bin directory - the Agent is started with a new name, and subsequently started with a different name.

1) In Client 0000, edit the UC_AS_SETTINGS variable found in the DIV_VARIABLES folder

2) If it is not already there, add the Validity Keyword 'AUTHENTICATION' with the value 'NO'. Restart your AutomationEngine (Server Processes) so that this change is recognized by the OM system
3) In the "bin" directory of the OS/390 Agent, there should be a file named similar to 'TS.UC4.PROD.AUTH.KEYSTORE'. Please make sure this file is empty, or remove the ".keystore" or ".kstr" file after backing it up.
4) Go into Client 0000>System Overview>Agents, right-click the Agent, and choose "Renew transfer key" (this will reset the Agent information in the database)
5) Restart the Agent 

If the steps above do not work, then the following steps may also resolve this issue:

1) In Client 0000, go to the HOST folder and delete the Agent object (this object will have the same name as the one you are attempting to start).  This will completely remove the Agent and reset any information in the database the Agent
2) Restart the Agent


Release: AUTWAB99000-11.0-Automic Workload Automation-Base Edition


Cause type:
Root Cause: Agent started with an incorrect system name, newly installed Agent has the same name as another Agent, Agent re-started with a name different from its initial configuration.


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