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Policy Server fails to return Custom Headers when Custom Header is recalculated every 30 seconds.


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We're running Identity Manager integrated with Policy Server. We've

configured a couple of Custom Headers in Responses to be returned as

Identity Manager Access Roles to the application. We have set those

Custom Headers to be recalculated every 30 seconds. However, after a

given User successfully logs onto the application and navigate to

another page within the same application, the User gets an application

error and he's not able to view the page. More precisely, we noticed

that the problem that after about the 30 seconds, the value in the

Custom Headers is no longer returned to the application.


Why do we have such issue ? How can we solve it ?



Policy Server checks for the Realm OID in order to get the Domain and

then to get the Response to calculate. This is failing since the

realmOid was not set in the Method that was called earlier in the flow

to update attributes. Adding the setting of the realmOID fixes the




Component: SMPLC


Upgrade the Policy Server to 12.52SP1CR08 to solve the issue.


Defects Fixed in 12.52 SP1 CR08


365506    DE171963    Policy Server fails to retain custom headers when a user successfully logs on to an application and navigates to another page within the application.