Remote Agent fails to start receive AwE-5103 and Agents java awapi time out errors


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Error Message :
ErrorMsg: AwE-5103 network socket error (12/20/16 8:16 PM)
network socket error : :

Remote Agent fails to start and the above error message is seen in AgentService log on the Remote Agent's machine.
20:16:27.87 AgentService: .AwComm: lookup 49153 Y
20:16:27.88 AgentService: .AgentService: createSocket: From DC1RH730/ encrypt true
20:16:27.88 AgentService: .AgentService: using sun ssl
20:16:27.146 AgentService: AwE-5103
20:16:27.147 AgentService: .AxOptions: NoErrorMsgProperties=false
ErrorMsg: AwE-5103 network socket error (12/20/16 8:16 PM)
network socket error : : Connection refused

Other Remote Agents remain running and jobs are executing successfully.  

  1. Confirm that the awcomm process is able to connect by reviewing the logs.
  2. Verify the information in the $AW_HOME/data/net_con.dat file to ensure it is correct.
  3. Look at the AgentService process on the Master, since this is the next step in a Master/Remote Agent connection.
  4. Check to see that the process is running by issuing:
ps -ef |grep <AM user> 
ck (only if you are logged in as the AM user on the Remote Agent and have executed the sosite file)
          Task Manager and look for any processes running for the Remote Agent

    Kill/Terminate any AM-related processes that are still running on the Remote Agent.
  1. Use the 'netstat' command to check any connections from the Remote Agent machine to see if it is connected to the IP of the Master.
netstat | grep <Master's IP>

If there are any connections to the Master machine's 'awcomm' or 'MasterServer' port, go ahead and kill them.   
  1. Ensure that there is an AgentService log present on the Master machine.  If it does not exist, stop and restart the AgentService process. 
The AgentService process should start and successfully run Jobs.  If it does not, open a case with Support.



Cause type:
Root Cause: N/A


Release: AAMOS499000-8.0-Automic Applications Manager-OS400 Agent


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Additional Information

Workaround :
Stop and restart the AgentService process on the master. Once restarted you will need to stop and restart remote agents.