All Server processes (CP & WP) stop and an error '9002' Msg is displayed
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All Server processes (CP & WP) stop and an error '9002' Msg is displayed


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message :
U0003592 Status: '42000' Native error: '9002' Msg: 'The transaction log for database 'uc4_prod' is full.

Important:  This specific article is for Automation Engine Systems running against MS SQL, DB2 or Oracle.

When the error above occurs it manifests itself as a hung system.  All the Automation Engine CP’s and WP’s are no longer running and it is impossible to log into the system.
In order to determine if you have encountered this issue, check the most recent log files for one of the WP processes.  You can find this file on the machine where the Automation Engine is installed in the temp directory.  Search the log for an error message that contains this string “'42000' Native error: '9002' Msg: 'The transaction log for database”,.  The name of the database referenced in the error you receive will reflect your database name.  If you find this message than it is clear that you have encountered the issue described in this article.
The error indicates that the database does not have enough space for the transaction log and this is preventing the Automation Engine from working correctly.  Our recommendation is that you contact your Database Administrator and allocate additional space to your database.  Once this has been done, restart the Automation engine using a COLD START.
In addition, refer to the Automation Engine’s documentation on for additional information on the Reorganization of your AE database.  This section provides valuable information to keep your database clean leading to improved system performance.



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