How to run Unix Job as root from AE
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How to run Unix Job as root from AE


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message :
U2000029 Cannot start job with User ID 'root'.

How to run a UNIX Job from the Automation Engine as the root user.

Sometimes due to complicated privileges, it is necessary to test a UNIX job running from the root user.  However, the system will not allow you to use the root user.

By default the system will not let you run the job with user root and if you try to you will see an error message similar to the one above.



OS: All Linux/Unix


Running jobs from AE as the root user is not available by default


To start a job with "root" change the ucxjxx.ini file and un-comment root= START.

Then restart the agent and the Job can run using the root user.

; access to normal user requires:
; - allowed (only these are allowed):
;   - [GLOBAL] - userid_type=INCL
;   - [USERID] - userid=START
; - not allowed (all other userids are allowed):
;   - [GLOBAL] - userid_type=EXCL
;   - [USERID] - userid=NO_START
; uc4=  NO_START
; - access for root user requires:
;   - [USERID] - root=START
root=  START