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Alerting raises alerts twice for the same job execution


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Error Message :
No error in the logs, we only see the alert two time present in the event monitoring application.

At a specific interval alerts for the same jobs are raised again.
Alerts are sent out twice, one a the regular occurrence time, the other one for the same job in the past will be triggered after the same period of days.
The time interval between the two alerts is equal to the retention period of the production data.


Dollar Universe 6.x 


Cause type:

Root Cause: Purge Retention parameters for the statistic data file (u_fmhr60) are smaller than the ones for the launches (u_fmsb60).
Alerting is based on the file u_fmhr60.
Data in this file and in the launches file must be consistent and its retention aligned.
Under no circumstances should the retention delay of this file be less than the retention delay of the launches file.


Modify the Purge Retention parameters so that the  *PURGE_LAN_RET* settings are equal or smaller than *<AREA>_O_PURGE_REPORTER* settings values.

IE: if the problem concerns the Production Area, the following parameters should be aligned (here on a period of 2 days). 
In UVC ==> Nodes ==> Node Settings ==> Maintenance ==> Purge in Area (X)

Launch default retention delay in Production Area (DDD:HH:MM) ==> 002:00:00
Retention Delay for Reporter data (DDD:HH:MM) in Production Area ==> 002:00:00
Retention Delay for Reporter Data after extraction (DDD:MM:MM) in Prodution Area ==> 002:00:00

Save the settings, no restart will be necessary.