FTP-PUT Uproc failing on OpenVMS when using generic character (* or ?) in the file name


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Error Message :

While using the FTP_PUT Uproc type, a wildcard cannot be used in the source filename when we need to transfer a set of file

  1. Create an FTP_PUT Uproc job to transfer filenames test_abcde from a server path to another path on the same server
When the Source filename matches exactly, the transfer completes successfully and the file is renamed with the Destination filename chosen.
  1. Change the source filename to test_?????
Since the source filename does not match exactly, the transfer fails
  1. Change the source filename to test_?*
The transfer will complete, but the file will not be renamed.



Cause type:
By design
Root Cause: When a wild card is used within the name of the source filename to be transferred then the destination file name is avoided even if we set a new name because it is, by design, not possible to rename a set of files


OS: All


When transferring a set of files that need to be renamed, each file must be renamed before or after the transfer using a script or transfer them one by one using Uproc type so that the exact name can be specified instead of using a wildcard.

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