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RA FTP Job stuck in Transferring status and job log not updated


Article ID: 87425


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message : N/A

RA FTP job stays in a status of Transferring and the RA FTP log is not updated.



OS Version: N/A


There can be different reasons for this message:

  • RA FTP Agent hung and not processing jobs
  • In the case the RA SFTP job is used for remote execution of a script, this message means that the script is still executing or stuck.


In case of a normal SFTP job:

Workaround Option 1:
Stop and restart the agent. 

Workaround Option 2:
Stop the Worker Process (WP) with O and restart it.


In the case of a remote execution through the RA SFTP agent:

Investigate if the script is working properly and consider fixing the script

If this issue happens more often, open a support case in order to find a more permanent solution.