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When execute CA Gen COM proxy under IIS the message "424 :: Object required" is received.


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Under IIS when execute a COM proxy operation to a Gen server procedure step, instead of seeing the expected data, this message is received: 424 :: Object required


CA GEN 8.x


The message has been reported a few times and resolutions have found to be:

  • Unregister the COM Proxy AX & CM dlls and then register them again.
  • For running a 32-bit COM Proxy the IIS App Pool did not have option "Enable 32-bit Applications" enabled under Advanced Settings in IIS Manager.

Additional Information

CA GEN 8.6 > Distributed Processing > Working With Proxies > COM Proxy > Preparing for Execution COM Proxy Applications > Configuring and Deploying the COM Proxy Runtime - see  "Registering the Proxy DLLs"

CA Gen 8.6 GUI and COM Proxy Deployment