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Loading htyp causes: U00038277 ZERO DOWNTIME UPGRADE is not allowed for version 'v12.0'.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message :
U00038277 ZERO DOWNTIME UPGRADE is not allowed for version 'v12.0'.

Loading a new htyp file causes the error message shown above.


OS Version: N/A


Cause type:
By design
Root Cause: This is due to the Zero Downtime Upgrade functionality implemented in version 11.2 and above.


In the past two files were provided to load a new htyp file. This was necessary if the below error message is thrown: 

U0011605 The combination of hardware 'xx/xx/xxx' and software 'xxx' version 'xx' ('000000016') is not supported.

 1) Unzip the attached file. (In the past you received this file from Support containing two files: uc_htyp.txt and htyp_upd_<version_number>.txt)
 2) Put the file "uc_htyp.txt" in the ..\Utility\db\general\<version_number>\ folder.
 3) Put the file "htyp_upd_<version_number>.txt" in the ..\Utility\db\ folder.
 4) Run the UC4.DB Load utility and choose the file "htyp_upd_<version_number>.txt".

Please load the attached files using the UC4.DB Load utility.  Further instructions are below:

Now the following steps have to be performed:

1) Modify the htyp_upd-<version_number>.txt file and enter the phrase zdu_allowed right below the line dbvers

V08 12.0      UPGRADE
define_path       ..\db\oracle\ Oracle*;11.2* 
define_path       ..\db\oracle\ Oracle*;12.* 
define_path       ..\db\sql_9\ Microsoft SQL Server*;10.*
define_path       ..\db\sql_9\ Microsoft SQL Server*;11.*
define_path       ..\db\sql_9\ Microsoft SQL Server*;12.*
define_path       ..\db\db2\ DB2/NT;9.07*
define_path       ..\db\db2\ DB2/NT;09.07*
define_path       ..\db\db2\ DB2/NT;10.*
define_path       ..\db\db2\ DB2/SUN;9.07*
define_path       ..\db\db2\ DB2/SUN;09.07*
define_path       ..\db\db2\ DB2/SUN;10.*
define_path       ..\db\db2\ DB2/.0;09.07*
define_path       ..\db\db2\ DB2/.0;9.07*
define_path       ..\db\db2\ DB2/.0;10.*
define_path       ..\db\db2\ DB2/LINUX;9.07*
define_path       ..\db\db2\ DB2/LINUX;09.07*
define_path       ..\db\db2\ DB2/LINUX;10.*
define_path       ..\db\db2\ DB2/AIX64;9.07*
define_path       ..\db\db2\ DB2/AIX64;09.07*
define_path       ..\db\db2\ DB2/AIX64;10.*
dbvers            12.0 R 12.0
message           *************************************************************
message           *** DB-Schema is already 12.0                              ***
message           *** HTYP will be deleted                                  ***
message           *************************************************************
db_execute        delete from UC_HTYP;
message           Loading HTYP and TABLE ...
load_file         ..\db\general\&vers\uc_htyp.txt  REPLACE
set_vers          12.0

2) Rename the file htyp_upd_<version_number>.txt to UC_UPD.TXT and copy it to the Utility\db\general\<version_number>
    Rename the existing UC_UPD.TXT in this folder to i.e. UC_UPD.TXT.ori
3) Run DB.LOAD
4) Optional: Rename UC_UPD.TXT to htyp.txt for better tracking and rename UC_UPD.TXT.ori back to UC_UPD.TXT

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