Univiewer Console takes long to display the startup banner


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


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Patch level detected:Univiewer Console 6.1.00
Product Version: Dollar.Universe 6.1.0

Description :When trying to start the Univiewer Console, it takes very long to display the Automic banner ( up to 2/3 minutes), whereas on other systems takes only a few seconds.


Cause type:
Root Cause: The root cause seems to be a performance issue in the infrastructure (either the datastore hosting the server where the console is launched or the physical server host where the virtual machine is running).


OS: All


In order to be able to trace exactly what operation takes more time during the startup of the Univiewer Console ( before showing the Automic banner), a new trace has been included on the Univiewer Console 6.8.01 and superior.

In order to enable the traces to troubleshoot this issue, please do the following:

1. Backup the current file and then edit the file /mgr/log4j.xml
Replace on the line 42 the following:
        <level value="INFO"/>    

        <level value="TRACE"/>        

2. Rename as well the current univiewer.log which is on the folder c:\users\youruser\univiewer_console\logs
3. Then launch the Univiewer Console and check the univiewer.log after the login screen has appeared.

4. We should be able to identify which operation is slower, usually it is the deserialization fonction.

repository.ser -> takes 2min 10 on the impacted VM for a file of 10.500 KB

|2017-05-31 14:54:35,017|DEBUG||main|com.orsyp.kmeleon.guibuilder.util.RepositoryUtil|Try to deserialize the repository...
|2017-05-31 14:56:45,279|DEBUG||main|com.orsyp.kmeleon.guibuilder.util.RepositoryUtil|Repository was deserialized with success.

utils.ser -> takes 6 seconds on the impacted VM for a file of 994KB

|2017-05-31 14:56:45,279|DEBUG||main|com.orsyp.kmeleon.guibuilder.util.RepositoryUtil|Try to deserialize utils...
|2017-05-31 14:56:51,301|DEBUG||main|com.orsyp.kmeleon.guibuilder.util.RepositoryUtil|Utils was deserialized with success.

The same files, loaded from a laptop (on Windows seven), take 8 seconds and 0.3seconds:

|2017-05-23 17:02:24,736|DEBUG||main|com.orsyp.kmeleon.guibuilder.util.RepositoryUtil|Try to deserialize the repository...
|2017-05-23 17:02:32,807|DEBUG||main|com.orsyp.kmeleon.guibuilder.util.RepositoryUtil|Repository was deserialized with success.

|2017-05-23 17:02:32,807|DEBUG||main|com.orsyp.kmeleon.guibuilder.util.RepositoryUtil|Try to deserialize utils...
|2017-05-23 17:02:33,181|DEBUG||main|com.orsyp.kmeleon.guibuilder.util.RepositoryUtil|Utils was deserialized with success.

Fix Status: Released

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Component: Univiewer.Console
Version: Dollar.Universe 6.8.01

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