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PeopleSoft agent cannot connect: U02007018 'DOWNbea.jolt.ServiceException: Invalid Session'


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Error Message in PeopleSoft agent log:
U02007018 'DOWNbea.jolt.ServiceException: Invalid Session'
U02007010 Error connecting to the Application Server '//peoplesoft.fqdn:9000' and user 'username'

Peoplesoft Agent cannot connect to PeopleSoft application and was stopped,


Error message indicates that connection session is refused on Peoplesoft Application server's side
(Should the application log be revised to investigate the true cause)
Possible causes:
- The domain connection password is not taken in consideration. The parameter DOMAIN_CONNECTION_PWD= is entered in lower case domain_connection_pwd= . This causes the password to be transferred as "null".
- The ports for Jolt listener was not opened, having 1 open port for the "Jolt" port did not work, a port range allowed the connection to establish successfully.
- The version of PeopleTools is not compatible with the version of Automic being used.


OS Version: N/A


Possible resolutions:

  • Change domain_connection_pwd=  to DOMAIN_CONNECTION_PWD= in agent's ini config file
  • Revise and open corresponding range of ports for Jolt Listener (requires Network Admin to be involved)
  • Check on compatibility for Automic version and PeopleTools version: