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AMAgent : "Error writing inventory file to sector" or "Error writing scan result file to sector"


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In TRC_AMAGENT*.log error like "Error writing scan result file to sector" and/or "Error writing inventory file to sector" appears.

Hardware and Software Inventory are not reported to DOMAIN Manager. The status of collect tasks are OK with a current date/time but the inventory remains empty or not refreshed.


Example :

Software Inventory Configuration is in status OK with recent date/time

<Please see attached file for image>


But the Software Inventory remains empty

<Please see attached file for image>



In TRC_AMAGENT*.log following error could appears :


091117-14:53:59.4354108L|001532|00000870|amagent   |amagent         |SVCSPECS.CPP        |000463|INFO   | Writing scan result to sector

091117-14:53:59.9871399L|001532|00000870|amagent   |amagent         |SVCSPECS.CPP        |000562|ERROR  | Error writing scan result file to sector.


091117-14:54:17.3157387L|001532|00000870|amagent   |amagent         |SVCSPECS.CPP        |000463|INFO   | Inventory delta processor run. Writing result to sector.

091117-14:54:17.8546089L|001532|00000870|amagent   |amagent         |SVCSPECS.CPP        |000562|ERROR  | Error writing inventory file to sector.



Release: UASIT.99000-12.8-Asset Intelligence


In order to transfer the inventory files to Scalability server, AM Agent generates a temp file under %windir%\temp (eg: c:\windows\temp).

The filename is : tmpxxxx.tmp

xxxx is a hexadecimal number from 1 to 0xFFFF (so it is 65535 possible files)

ex: tmp1.tmp, tmp2.tmp, tmp1A2C.tmp, tmp8F05.tmp



The temporary file created is deleted when transfer is done.

If the directory c:\windows\temp contains already 65535 files with name from tmp1.tmp to tmpFFFF.tmp, the creation of new temp file is not possible and error "Error writing scan result file to sector" and/or "Error writing inventory file to sector" occurs.




Delete all tmp*.tmp files under %windir%\temp


Example :

- Open a command prompt with Administrative rights and execute following commands :

cd %windir%\temp

del tmp*.tmp

<Please see attached file for image>

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