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Knowledge Base Search does not display anything


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Knowledge base search has been working in old patch level 14.1 cumulative 3, but not since we patched to cumulative 4 recently. We can still browse documents but not search for them.


ServiceDesk Manager 14.1 and higher


Problem related to the .ebr index files located in $NX_ROOT\site\ebr directory.


This problem may be fixed by running the pdm_k_reindex command from a prompt.

Whenever a knowledge document is created, it will build the indexes and add the necessary information to the ebr files.
Also, whenever pdm_k_reindex is executed, it will build the ebr files if it does not exists and if the .ebr files exists, the command will fill the gaps if any.

Whenever there are amy Knowledge Document Search issues we recommend the customers to run pdm_k_reindex command so that it will refresh the index information in the .ebr files used by the Search Engine.

Additional Information

In some cases, you may need to manually re-create the ebr files.  If simply running pdm_k_reindex by itself does not correct the problem, you may try the following:

1. Stop CA SDM service on CA SDM server 
2. Via Windows Explorer, locate the 0.ebr and dic.ebr files from the NX_ROOT\site\ebr directory and move them to another directory (do not rename these files as backup)
3. Using a plain text editor (i.e. NotePad), create blank files called 0.ebr and dir.ebr under the NX_ROOT\site\ebr directory 
4. If you also have a NX_ROOT\site\ebr_ADM dreictory present, repeat steps #2 and #3
5. Restart CA SDM serivce
6. Run the 'pdm_k_reindex' command
7. Publish a new Knowledge Document and attempt a Knowledge Search

You can also check the settings for the ebr path by running this SQL command:

Select * from usp_properties where property_name IN ('KEIT_PATH', 'EBR_FILES_PATH')

The property_value field should be '$NX_ROOT/site/keit' for the 'KEIT_PATH' entry.
The property_value field should be '$NX_ROOT/site/ebr' for the 'EBR_FILES_PATH' entry.

These values can be addressed with this DB Query:

UPDATE usp_properties SET property_value = '$NX_ROOT/site/keit' WHERE property_name = 'KEIT_PATH'
UPDATE usp_properties SET property_value = '$NX_ROOT/site/ebr' WHERE property_name = 'EBR_FILES_PATH'

See command details:

All commands and changes should be performed in a non-prod environment first before attempting in production.  All backups should be performed prior to such activity.