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Data Protection 15.2 - Enhancements to Support Exchange 2016


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One of the prerequisites for deployment of the CA Data Protection Exchange Server Agent is Microsoft MAPI\ CDO.  This is used for decoding the TNEF encoded messages that pass through Exchange. Microsoft has now removed MAPI\CDO support from Exchange Server 2016.


CA Data Protection 15.2 Exchange Server Agent


Microsoft MAPI\ CDO has been deprecated.


FIX:RO98893 includes a new installer for the Data Protection Exchnage Server Agent (ESA) to install on Exchange 2016 without the need for the prerequisite deprecated MAPI CDO library.  This new installer implements an alternative library to allow TNEF messages to be decoded and processed as expected.



Additional Information

Please note that FIX:RO98893 supersedes FIX:RO98243.


FIX:RO98893 is available to download from the CA Support Portal (http:\\