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The command "uxadd fla" does not return an error if the Batch Queue does not exist


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Error Message :
The error can only be found in the node's universe.log, as command "uxadd fla" would return an execution number:
|ERROR|X|DQM|pid=11636.1836| u_dqm_sub_job | dqm queue [ZUVR00 does not exist
|ERROR|X|DQM|pid=11636.1836| u_dqm_sub_job | dqm_lecture_directe_que returns 3 [ZUVR00 ]
|ERROR|X|DQM|pid=11636.1836| owls_dqm_job_submit | u_dqm_sub_job returns 3
|ERROR|X|DQM|pid=11636.1836| process_fnc_obj | process_create in error: 3

The command uxadd fla does not return an error if the value of the Queue parameter is incorrect (non-existing queue).


Cause type:
Root Cause: Until 6.8.21, the validity of the "Batch Queue" could not be checked.


OS: All


Upgrade to Dollar Universe 6.8.21 or above and then modify the following Node Settings of the node:
Node Settings->DQM Settings
Check if queue exists (decrease performances) :   No -> Set to Yes if you want to perform this check.

Fix Status: Released

Fix Version(s):
Component: Application Server
Product Version: Dollar Universe 6.8.21 - Available

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