Following an upgrade Dollar Universe and Oracle Manager, Oracle's jobs are aborted


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Error Message :
The following error is present on the job log:
The concurrent program XXAXXPSMAN can not be submitted by Dollar Universe.
Cause : could not compute default parameter values for XXAXXPSMAN.

Error: Status control error: 1
The execution of the concurrent program generated errors. 

Patch level detected:Manager for Oracle DB 6.2
Product Version: Dollar.Universe 6.2.0

Description :Following the upgrade, jobs are all in aborted status.


Cause type:
Root Cause: SQL packages are not recompiled after patch installation, or upgrade procedure.


OS: All
OS Version: all OS


Once the upgrade has finished, please compile the PL/SQM packages. Load the UX PL/SQL Packages
Once the Oracle Applications environment has been loaded, the PL/SQL packages, provided in the kit, must be compiled.
• Go into the bin/bin_oapp sub-directory of the Company.
• Run the packages_activation.ksh script by entering in parameters the connection user to the database and its password. For example:
./packages_activation.ksh apps apps
Execute the following command to make sure the packages compiled successfully:
show err

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