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The Policy Server start-all command fails intermittently to execute completely


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When we start the Policy Server running the "start-all" script, this script doesn't complete occasionally. We see that the start-all script gets blocked as SmCommand (GCLCommand) in start-all is not responding back and blocking the start-all script. 

How can we solve this issue ?



Policy Server R12.52 SP1 CR02 on RedHat 6


The SmCommand from the start-all and stop-all scripts uses pipe communication with Policy Server, and we observed that the SmCommand is waiting for Policy Server response and blocked in pipe read.

To resolve the issue, we updated the GCLCommand to timeout if the Policy Server does not respond within the given timeout time. The timeout value is fed as argument to SmCommand. The GCLHandlers are also updated to report whether the command is blocked/unblocked. 



To solve this issue, upgrade Policy Server to R12.52 SP1 CR08:


Defects Fixed in 12.52 SP1 CR08

 335233    DE159112    The start-all command fails intermittently to execute completely when the stop-all and start-all commands are executed repeatedly.

R12.52 SP1 CR08 - Policy Server - Defects fixed


As workaround, you may update the GCLCommand to timeout as mentioned above.