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Scheduled Report Job Engine Tasks failing with error 7


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One or more scheduled report jobs linked to an Engine are in status ERROR with following status comments :

Reporter Job Failed. Reporter returned:7



In DSM\logs\TRC_REPORTER_*.log following error could be found :


ERROR  | Error calling Reporter interface [#7]



Client Automation - All versions


This error could occur if the link between the Reporter Engine job and scheduled report is lost in database.


The engine jobs are stored in SQL table ncjobcfg and scheduled report in table rpauto.

For Engine Reporter job, the column jocont of table ncjobcfg contains the Scheuled Report object id.

If this column contains 0, the error "Error calling Reporter interface [#7]" occurs.


Example :

With Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, execute following SQL request to check all Scheduled Report Engine jobs :


use mdb
SELECT n.jobid, n.joname, a.objid, a.objname, n.jocont 
FROM ncjobcfg n, rpauto a
WHERE n.jotype=31 AND n.jobid=a.schobjid
In this example "Reporter Job - Asset or User Report [3]" is correct as objid 615 is present in jocont column.

But "Reporter Job - Asset or User Report [2]" is not correct because jocont contains the string 0 (instead 614) :


All Scheduled Report Engine jobs with jocont=0 are not correct.


The problem in table ncjobcfg occurs when the properties of a scheduled report job is updated in the engine.


Solution 1

In DSM Reporter, under Scheduled Reports, delete and create again the scheduled reports linked to the wrong Report job (where jocont='0').




Solution 2

1- Stop caf on ITCM DOMAIN :

caf stop


2- Execute following SQL Query with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio in order to repair the Engine jobs in database :

use mdb

UPDATE ncjobcfg 

SET jocont=LTRIM(STR(a.objid)) 

FROM ncjobcfg n, rpauto a 

WHERE n.jotype=31 AND n.jobid=a.schobjid AND n.jocont like '0%' 


3- Start caf

caf start

Additional Information

To avoid this problem in Client Automation 14.5, open a case at CA Broadcom technical support requesting the fix T5IZ458

This fix should be installed on the Domain Manager 14.5