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DLL file 'WgnTNEFlibrary.dll' is not labeled with properties


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CA Data Protection 15.2 does not support Exchange Server 2016 in the general release (GA) version. 

Exchange Server 2016 has dropped support for MAPI\CDO which Data Protection leveraged handle the TNEF decoding of Exchange Messages.  As a consequence CA has developed a new approach and released a new installer as a hotfix to provide ongoing support. 

Data Protection 15.2 - Enhancements to Support Exchange 2016

Included in this new Data Protection Exchange Server Agent installer for Exchange 2016 is a DLL "WgnTNEFlibrary.dll" which does not display any file properties.

The file is missing the following information in >Properties->Details

File Description

File Version

Product Name

Production Version 






Data Protection 15.2 with MAPI CDO Replacement.


This was an oversight when the fix was published.



CA has now republished FIX:RO98893 (incorporating Integration_ex2016.msi) which includes files with the correct property information.  If you encounter missing properties download the latest version and deploy as per the hotfix instructions.

Additional Information

Orchestria, Orchestria EPM, Orchestria APM, CA DLP and CA DataMinder are all brands for the product now known as CA Data Protection.