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Allocation Percentages are rounding to the Nearest Whole Number when saving a project back from MSP


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Allocation is changing for team members after saving a project back from Microsoft Project (MSP). The allocation percentages are rounding to the nearest whole number when exported to MSP, so when the project is saved back to PPM, the allocations are adjusted based on those allocation values. You can also see a change in the allocation in the Time-scaled Value (TSV) in the team detail view where allocations have changed after the save back from MSP (sometimes to a decimal value dependent on the rounded allocation % in MSP).

Steps to Reproduce:

1. In PPM, create a project and add one team member to the project

2. On the Team tab, click on the properties icon for the team member, and create an allocation segment that has a % Allocation including a decimal value (In this example, 23.5 % allocation assigned for 11/1/17 - 11/30/17)

3. Export the project to MSP

4. Navigate to the Resource Sheet view and double click on the resource where the allocation was modified

5. View the 'Units' for the resource under the 'Resource Availability' section

Expected results: Units shows the same value as what was set for the resource in step 2 (in this example, 23.5%)

Actual Results: Units value is rounded to the nearest whole number (in this example, 24%)

Note: Rounding of Units also occurs if you are using the following setting: MSP Assignment Units Mapping with PPM Assignment 'Max % Load' as the Units value is rounded to the nearest whole number at the task assignment level as well. 


Applies to all supported PAS environments for specified releases.


This is due to Microsoft Project design. 


This is working as expected as per Microsoft Project's design. Microsoft Project will only allow whole numbers for Units which maps to % Allocation segments for a team member in PPM.

Steps to reproduce in MSP Standalone:

1. In MSP, navigate to the Resource Sheet view, and double click on a resource

2. Under the Resource Availability section, change the units to a % that includes a decimal value, (example: 23.5%) and tab out of the Units cell

You will see the value rounds to the nearest whole number. In the example above, the percent rounds up from 23.5 % to 24%.