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Any Dollar Universe command line executed on Open VMS is giving always an error in output


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Error Message :
$ uxlst upr upr=*Can not connect to server. Error!
Patch level detected:Dollar Universe 6.3.00
Product Version: Dollar.Universe 6.3.01

Description :In DollaR Universe 6 on Open VMS, any CMD line return an error.
See the example of error when launching an uxlst command


OS: VMS Itanium


Cause type:
Root Cause: This was due to a security file missing for the account used (for example SYSTEM in the SOCIETY_NODE\DATA\AREA\LOCAL directory so for example if this is for EXP:
Directory DKA0:[SYS0.SYSCOMMON.000000.SUPPORT.DUAS.MANOR5_PRODU01.DATA.EXP.LOCAL]You must have this key to be able to use the CLI for the AREA EXP, the issue that we know is due to the name of this key that is incompatible with the disks formated in ODS-2 Structure


Change your disk structure from ODS-2 to ODS-5 because of the following:

ODS-5 then evolved from ODS-2, adding support for much longer filenames from a much larger character set, and optionally-enabled case-sensitive filenames

Install your DUAS node on the disk in ODS-5 structure

Also note that the ODS-5 need to have an Open VMS 8.3 or higher

Fix Status: Released

Fix Version(s):
Component: Application.Server
Version: Dollar.Universe 6.3.44

Additional Information

Workaround :