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Convert Mixed Booking Status job and Populate Resource Management Curves job are missing in the PPM job List


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Cannot find the New User Experience (UX) jobs 'Convert Mixed Booking Status' or 'Populate Resource Management Curves' in the CA PPM job list.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. In Clarity PPM go to Home->Reports and Jobs

2. Go to the 'Jobs' tab

3. Enter the name of the job in the job type field. (Example 'Convert Mixed Bookings')

4. Click Filter

Expected Results: The job is displayed in the job list

Actual Results: The job is not displayed


This issue applies to CA PPM 15.2 and higher


These jobs are disabled by default.


Activate the job using the below steps:

1. In PPM go to Administration->Data Administration->Reports and Jobs 

2. Filter for the job (Example: 'Convert Mixed Booking Status')

3. Click the check box next to that job

4. Click the 'Activate' button 

Additional Information

Reference the CA PPM Job Reference for more information on these jobs.  (Note: the Populate Resource Management Curves job should be run once after upgrading)

Reference KB: 15920 if you are running into an error with the 'Convert Mixed Booking Status' job