Sessions are corrupted after a crash of the node
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Sessions are corrupted after a crash of the node


Article ID: 86986


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Affects Release version(s): 5

Error Message :
When using univiewer console to display one of the displayed sessions ( just 2 out of 2000) we receive the following popup error:
Display Session on NODE: 
An invalid version has been used : Invalid Version - ' ' 

Patch level detected:Dollar Universe 5.6
Product Version: Dollar.Universe 5.6.0 FX25010

Description :After a system crash, almost all sessions of a node have disappeared from the list displayed on univiewer console / command line.

We tried to:
reorganize the data files -> did not work
create a new session -> did not work
insert the sessions from the exptab session -> did not work


OS: All


Cause type:
Root Cause: The system crash while the uxioserv was working on the sessions data file ($UXDEX/u_fmse50.dta) led to a severe corruption of the file.


Option A: If you have a backup of the file u_fmse50.dta before the corruption, simply restore it and launch an offline reorganization
Option B: if you don't have a backup of the impacted file:

1) Stop the node and backup the corrupted session file (u_fmse50.dta) of the concerned area.
2) Reinitialize the sessions file of the concerned area:
$UXEXE/uxrazfic u_fmse50 X
3) Reorganize the file via the command line:
uxrgz uni FILE_NM=u_fmse50 X
or via an offline reorganization along with all the other files

4) Insert the sessions via the command uxins:

Example ( one .bin file per session)
cd archive/*
cat EXP_ses*.bin > allsessions.bin
$UXEXE/uxins ses ses=* INPUT=allsessions.bin REPL

5) After that, you should be able to display the sessions via the command line / univiewer console.

Fix Status: Released

Fix Version(s):
Component: Application.Server
Version: Dollar.Universe 5.6.0 FX25010

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Workaround :