All engines are down and all jobs aborting.
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All engines are down and all jobs aborting.


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Affects Release version(s): 5

Error Message :

Patch level detected:Dollar Universe 5.6.0
Product Version: Dollar.Universe 5.6.0 FX25010

Description :Dollar Universe is completely out of service, all engines are down and all jobs aborting.


OS: Windows
OS Version: All supported


Cause type:
Root Cause: Following a system crash/error, the entire OS is freshly re-installed. Dollar Universe is considered in-existing for Windows and should be reconfigured.


As the Dollar Universe directory is installed on another disk drive, its data is not deleted, so a fresh installation with the same configuration is needed with the following procedure:

- Rename the existing Dollar Universe directory: ,
- Use the Dollar Universe kit to re-install the same Dollar Universe version
- Check the windows services list in order to insure that the Dollar Universe services do not exist in the services list. (If needed, execute the "ServRemove.bat " under the exec directory in order to remove the Dollar Universe services)

- Follow the installation procedure in order to install Dollar Universe respecting the following conditions:
1- Use the same path as the old installation,
2- the same Nodename
3- the same port numbers
4- the same Dollar Universe users names

- Once the installation done, copy/paste from the old installation directory to the new one:
1/ the u_fali01.txt file (the license file)
2/ the useralias.txt file (users file)
3/ the uxsrsrv.sck file (mapping nodenames vs hostnames/IP address)
4/ All the *.dta files under the directory to the same directory in the new installation
5/ All the *.dta files under the EXP directory to the same one in the new installation. (Do the same action for APP, INT, SIM if one or more of these 3 areas is/are used)
6/ All the files in the EXP/upr directory to the new one (this will copy all the uproc's internal script). (Do the same for APP, INT, SIM if needed)
7/ the customized variables from the uxsetenv.bat file to the new one
8/ the customized variables from both universe.def and .def files to the new ones
9/ any other *.bat file that was created in the old installation for your production needs

- Now, open a cmd window and execute under the mgr directory:
- uxsetenv.bat (set the environment)
- ux_vrf_rgz_rst.bat > reorg.log (offline reorganization)

- Check the windows services in order to be sure that the universe_universe and the 3 users services are stopped
- Install the last recommended patch FX*****
- Restart the 3 users services and the universe_universe service
- Restart the company: uxstartup.bat

Now the same Dollar Universe node is installed and up.

Fix Status: No Fix

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