Rally Sync Job fails: Attribute 'Agile Milestones' has an invalid Lookup Value
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Rally Sync Job fails: Attribute 'Agile Milestones' has an invalid Lookup Value


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The Rally Synchronization Job (renamed to Synchronize Agile Central Job as of Clarity 15.3) fails with an error saying that Attribute 'Agile Milestones' has an invalid Lookup Value

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. In Agile Central:
    • Create a workspace
    • Create a project (Do not create any milestone for the project)

    2. In Clarity:

    • Go to Administration -> Project Management -> Settings -> Set Agile Central Owner
    • Create an integration instance for the above workspace and project
    • Create a Clarity project and ensure the following is set on the Agile Summary sub page:
      • Synchronize is checked
      • Select the Agile System to use for synchronizing the project with CA Agile Central.

    3. Run the Rally Synchronization Job

Expected Results: The Rally Synchronization Job completes successfully 

Actual Results: The Rally Synchronization Job fails with an error. Excerpt: There was a problem updating CA PPM project: 400 validation.lookupValueInvalid 

CMN-0009: Attribute 'Agile Milestones' has invalid Lookup Value '[]' 


This issue applies to Clarity 15.2


This is caused by: DE35230 


This issue is fixed in Clarity 15.3. 


  1. In Agile Central, create a Milestone: Go to Plan -> Timeboxes -> Milestone and create one milestone 
  2. In Clarity, run the Rally Synchronization Job, which now completes successfully